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Address: 23 Fajuyi Road, Ekotedo, Ibadan. Oyo State, Nigeria.
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Company Profile

Comfort Agro is an indigenous company owned by Nigerians of high repute. Comfort Agro was solely established to bring comfort to farmers who are exclusively practicing the usage of Agricultural Crop protection Chemicals (Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicide and other Agricultural farm inputs and Machineries (Tractors, Knapsack sprayers, etc); that is the secret behind our Motto which is ‘Comfortability in Agriculture Is Ours'.

Comfort Agro Chemical Nigeria Limited has its corporate head office in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, with other branches and dealership network spread across the geopolitical areas of the country. Comfort Agro has a single doctrine which is to bring sound quality crop protection chemicals and Agric Equipments like: the popular Comfort Knapsack sprayers whose quality is unbeatable since the ingestion of this sprayer into the Nigerian markets and beyond. It has really brought Comfort to the users till date.

Our Motto:- 'Comfortability In Agric Is ours' has clearly stated our belief is in this Industries. We do not compromise quality and durable products. We sincerely believe, that with God on our side, we shall remain within the confines of this motto.

Training and Capacity Building.
We have able Agric graduates whose sole responsibilities are to offer technical support and training to our amiable farmers who are based in the rural areas of the country and who directly use these products. Our aim is to ensure that quality yields are harvested and spread back to all of us again for consumption.


Our Amiable Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a trainer with astute leadership training background in managerial functions that covers all aspect of Marketing Management, Human Resource Development, Financial Matters, and Logistics and so on. We are proud of him!!

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