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Glyphosphate 1 (Herbicide)

A foliar applied herbicide for the control of annual and perennial, grasses and broad-leaved weeds in farmland preparation before sowing, also for weed control in non-crop sites.

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Technical product knowledge from Agronomy department

Good day our Dear esteemed customers,

Here is our Second brand of Glyphosate Herbicide,

We employ you to read about our GLYCOM SUPER Herbicide.

– It’s very effective for eradicating all types of weeds in the garden, farm and environment.

– It’s work very effectively with rain because it’s a Systemic Herbicide.

GLYCOM SUPER HERBICIDE (41% of Glyphosate SL active ingredient).

Mode of action : Systemic Herbicide.
It’s used for general weed control.

– it’s works down to the root of weeds, plants, spreading throughout the whole plants, weeds or grasses system ensuring the weeds are cleared off.

Target weeds : All weeds and stubborn grasses, i.e., It eradicates both annual and perennial weeds.

Dosage : Measure between 150mls – 200mls of GLYCOM SUPER Herbicide per 16litres of knapsack sprayer filled up with water for spraying (using a graduated measuring cup or measure 1½ of tin milk Glycom Super Herbicide per 16L Knapsack sprayer.


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