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Mash (Insecticide)

DDVP Dichlorvos

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Dear esteemed customers, 

We employ you to read about our Insecticide product, used for controlling  insects pest.

** Our Insecticide product MASH (1000g of DICHLORVOS EC active ingredient) is effective for the control of spider mite, flies, aphids, grasshopper, weevils, caterpillar, mushrooms flies, and leaf rollers affecting our crops like Amaranthus vegetables, tomatoes, pepper,  watermelon, cucumber and tree crops e.g cashew, kolanut,  orange, cocoa and mango.

 Mode of Action :

contact and stomach i.e., once the insect pest comes in contact with the insecticide or they inhale the insecticide, they will die off immediately.

 Dosage :

Measure 50mls of MASH Insecticide per 16litres of knapsack sprayer filled up with water for spraying.

– We can use a graduated measuring cup to measure 50mls of  the MASH Insecticide or measure ⅓ of  tin milk of the MASH Insecticide (i.e using a tin milk to measure).

– It also serves as raw materials for house hold fumigation against mosquitoes ants and Cockroach.


At the initial infestation of the insect’s pests repeat at 15 days intervals after the first application and stop when there is no signs of infestation.

It’s advisable to spray your plants in the morning between 7-9:30am or in the evening between 5:00-6:30pm because that is the time the insect’s pests will be seen feeding on the plants.


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