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Comfort Sprayer


Strong, Durable, Reliable, and with High Pressure.
The overall best in Nigeria as attested to by our dear farmers.

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Our dear esteemed Customers,

We employ you to read about our COMFORT SPRAYER and Safety measures to be taken during and after Spraying.

Our COMFORT SPRAYER Has the following qualities and functions.

– It’s very Strong
– Durable
– Reliable and with high pressure.

It’s very effective to break the liquid into droplets of effective size with the aid of nozzle types used for the application of Herbicide, Insecticide & Fungicide.


– Wear correct personal protective equipment e.g overall, nose mask, sun shade, boots and hand gloves for the chemical and operations involved, (i.e.,during mixing and spraying of herbicide, insecticide and fungicide).

– Use chemicals in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

– Use clean water to mix the herbicide, insecticide and fungicide to avoid impurities from blocking the nozzles.

– Wear the knapsack sprayer belt appropriately, the belt must well placed resting on the shoulder bone in a flat position and not in a twisted position.

– Drinking, smoking and eating of food is forbidden while spraying.

– Right dosage of chemical must be measured to get a good result.

– Do not allow the chemicals to come in contact with your skin or bare hands.

– Do not recycle the chemical container for other use i.e., storage of home use oil, fuel or water bottle e.t.c.
Always bury or burn the container after use.

– Do not transfer chemicals to other storage containers especially soft drinks bottles or food containers.

– Takes into account the weather forecast before application.

– Watch out for adulterated products. Purchase only approved chemicals.

– Dis assemble the knapsack sprayer after spraying in order to wash it thoroughly and re-assemble after washing. Do not misplace any sprayer parts during washing.

– Do not allow underage children to spray for you, if you are too old. Employ an experienced personnel to spray your environment or farm.

– Keep the chemicals in a cool dry place.

– Take enough water and milk after spraying.

Thank you all.


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